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Jerzy, our Management Inc. consultant, has been working with us for longer than anyone before him, and he is by far the best property manager we had. Jerzy oversees the entire administrative office by himself and still manages to provide an outstanding level of service and attention to each condominium owner. Jerzy has seen the condominium association through tough economic times, and he has helped us extensively with budget constraints and accounting issues. He trimmed over $1300 from monthly upkeep by renegotiating contracts with companies who provide necessary services as well as finding and hiring cheaper services who do more than the previous companies we employed. Furthermore, Jerzy’s extensive construction background saved us countless thousands of dollars on maintenance costs. Not only did he find cheaper construction crews, but he also directed the entire construction process himself. What really surprised me at first was how much time Jerzy devoted to getting to know the condominium owners as well as their individual needs and concerns. I can’t think of a single tenant who doesn’t know him by name nor has his personal email and cell phone number. Among the tenants Jerzy is well known for his attention to detail, positive attitude, understanding, and a welcoming personality. - Darek Marek President of Thomas Condominiums 

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Management Inc. is a team of real estate management specialists serving the Chicagoland area since 2005. Our company provides superior and innovative management services to condominium associations and apartment buildings.

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We provide managerial and clerical services for building owners, condominium associations, board members and all residents of the building community. We are always at service and available to our customers with anything they need.

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We offer complete, personalized and gratifying service to satisfy the diverse needs of each client. We always adjust to our clients needs.

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